Binance has been known as the largest cryptocurrency exchange for many years. Moreover, it continues to list new cryptocurrencies on the exchange every day. It is reliable, fast and offers thousands of options to its members. Although the Binance company was first established on the territory of China, it works in Japan because of the events that followed. It is also located in the country of Malta today as the main center. Is Binance Reliable? Let’s check!

Binance is Reliable

Binance has been working for many years as completely reliable and robust. Many cryptocurrencies are listed here first. In addition, thanks to many contracts and licenses, all transactions are secured. Although Binance was originally a company founded in China, it is now headquartered in Japan. Moreover, it shows the year ‘2017’ as the date of establishment. Binance operates in the country of Malta as its main hub. When everything considered, Is Binance reliable? We can say yes.

Many people wonder who owns Binance company. When researched, the answer turns out to be ‘Changpeng Zhao‘. He has a long journey before the establishment of the company. Because he has been closely involved with the stock market and websites before. He also actively holds the position of CEO of the company. Malta is now the answer to the question of where Binance is. The center of the country can sometimes change due to various political reasons.

Who owns Binance?

CEO Changpeng Zhao owns ‘30%’ shares of Binance exchange. After founding the company, he has made himself among the billionaires in a short time. It is said that the number of Binance members has exceeded ‘110 million’ users in recent months. The company then lists the ‘BNB‘ cryptocurrency it created on its website. Changpeng Zhao becomes the founder of the company by owning most of the shares.

Binance Account Opening

Binance account opening is easy. If the ‘Turkish’ option is not selected after logging into the site, it is sufficient to select it. Then, thanks to the ‘Register’ button, the site tells the correct directions. Nowadays, the question of whether Binance is reliable is often asked. Binance continues its services as fully licensed and documented, completely reliable. For this reason, it offers guarantees to its members in all transactions and investment matters.

Binance site lists almost all cryptocurrencies. Moreover, all people who open an account could access all transactions. However, as with every site, Binance receives a small amount of commission rates. Moreover, it also offers options such as depositing interest for many cryptocurrencies. It also supports opening short and long positions. An email address is required when registering with Binance. Afterwards, a code is sent to your mail for verification. After entering, the registration process is completed. This process is easy and takes place in seconds.

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What is Binance Trading Volume?

The trading volume is calculated together with the amount of cryptocurrency offered for sale. A connection is made with the number of offers in the market and the current transactions. Thus, the transaction volume emerges. Binance shows the volumes to everyone who is a member and not. It has an option to list the volumes of cryptocurrencies on its site. Thus, the most current and trending cryptocurrencies can be seen easily.

The reliability of cryptocurrencies on the Binance site is increasing. Because Binance has been providing these services transparently for many years. Binance offers its members the chance to invest in this ever-growing field. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to make many profits by trading cryptocurrencies. It continues to be the highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange today.


How to Deposit on Binance?

To deposit money on the site, you must first register. Binance clearly shows the steps to register on its site. The e-mail address is absolutely required for this process. Because the verification code is sent directly here to register. After becoming a member, the deposit option is available on the profile page. In addition, the investment option is clearly visible at the top of the site. Here, after selecting ‘USD, EURO or others’, the investment option is clicked. Afterwards, the desired amount of investment can be made easily.

Binance offers many options, including wire transfers. It is also possible to transfer from other crypto wallets. Today, Binance is actively used by many people. It is also in the market with the ‘BNB’ cryptocurrency. It hosts many investment, buy, sell, and barter transactions. Reliable and documented, Binance works seamlessly in almost all countries.


Number of Binance Members

It is known to have more than one hundred million active users. In addition, the number of Binance users in our country is increasing day by day. Binance is the largest among cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the first choice of many people because it is reliable and documented. Especially for newly released cryptocurrencies, people prefer Binance site. It offers its members the option to easily register and invest.