Energy tokens are known as nature-friendly cryptocurrencies, which aim to contribute to the production of clean energy and renewable energy sources and to be the leading role in the trade of these clean energy sources due to today’s developing technology and the reduction of non-renewable energy sources and their harm to nature. In this article, we will examine the top energy tokens in the cryptocurrency world. Let’s see green energy crpyto- enviromental coin projects!. Top energy tokens or Top energy coins listed according to 2022 datas from global markets.

Powerledger (POWR)

Powerledger is a software and flexible blockchain-based cryptocurrency from one of the world’s largest energy companies, headquartered in Australia, which aims to be used in the trade of future renewable energy sources. One of the things that makes Powerledger so legendary is that it is ERC-20 licensed and is home to many alt cryptocurrencies like uGrid. When doing P2P between parties, powerledger ensures that it is traceable and provides a great security chain. Publicly, more than 30 countries have signed agreements with Powerledger today.

It is pointed out that tokens such as POWR will be used frequently in the future in huge areas such as the energy industry, due to the gradual development of cryptocurrency technologies in the world and the fact that digital currencies that enable trade conversion independent of states are frequently used. We believed that Powerledger deserve to be in Top energy coins list.



Energy Web Token (EWT)

The Energy Web Token attracts attention as it is non-profit, apart from being used within the Energy Web Chain operations, known as a blockchain-based virtual machine, to support the energy sector and renewable energy sources. It was created to support the creation of decentralized applications (DApps) created by developers and to bring diversity. Energy Web Token is a joint project developed by RMI and Grid Singularity and is one of the largest initiatives in this field.

Energy Web Token aims to create a wide range of applications unlike any other and aims to develop versatile blockchain solutions. It also draws attention as it is designed especially for the energy sector. By looking at the aims of the project, EWB definetely deserve to be in top energy tokens list 2022.


Efforce (WOZX)

As Efforce enters the world of cryptocurrencies, it aims to solve the problems experienced by industries working on energy efficiency in a democratic way and to become a global cryptocurrency token. The most important feature of WOZX is that it was founded by Steve Wozniak, the IT partner and close friend of Steve Jobs, who also created the world-famous Apple brand. On his way to increase energy efficiency, he saw the rapid development of incredible technologies such as cryptocurrencies and entered this market.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, WOZX tokens allow its participants to develop and earn money at the same time. Efforce (WOZX) is one of the most popular energy industry cryptocurrencies of the last period because it is both developable and creates a digital environment that allows its participants to make money. Energy industries interested in with cryptos. So we think Efforce should be added in top energy coins list.

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Grid + (GRID)

Token Grid+ is one of the cryptocurrencies and developer companies making one of the most incredible breakthroughs in the world. Using the Ethereum platform, Grid+ also produces smart devices that allow you to make crypto-protected and crypto money exchange transactions. GRID coin ensures that all transactions are securely encrypted. It also allows you to protect your crypto assets by storing them in a completely safe and sound manner, like a digital bank vault. It gives the chance to access and use all cryptocurrency chains supported by MetaMask. Grid+, which is in the hardware wallet, is also traded in many huge stock exchange companies on the Cryptocurrency exchange.

 SunContract (SNC)

Not only is SunContract the most popular renewable energy source trading venue, but it is also traded on the cryptocurrency exchange under the code SNC and is receiving incredible demand. SunContract has created the Marketplace, which allows buyers and sellers to negotiate deals directly through crypto technologies. SunContract aims to make both the producer and the consumer earn more, without an occasional broker. Today, this project is actively implemented in Slovenia and homeowners meet their energy needs through this MarketPlace.

In addition, when looking at the comments made, they say that they have achieved good reductions in electricity costs. SunContract, a blockchain-based company, aims to become the largest cryptocurrency MarketPlace in the future.


Electrify.Asia (ELEC)

ELEC token works using the Ethereum infrastructure as a cryptocurrency. However, its biggest feature is to be the largest MarketPlace for the purchase and sale of electrical energy in the Asian continent, which it aims for the future. Today, he uses thousands of options in his project called Synergy, enabling huge energy markets like Singapore to trade seamlessly without a partner between buyers and sellers via cryptocurrencies. When the investments made in Singapore are examined, Electrify has signed the largest token sale ever made in Singapore. The potential of the project, makes it to addable in the list of top energy tokens.


When top energy tokens are examined, they are all gigantic technologies, and their projects are considered perfect ideas, they aim to facilitate the purchase and sale of joint energy consumption globally in the future and to provide them at a lower cost. They are also increasingly popular with people due to their renewable energy origin and their involvement in the clean energy sector. Keeping costs low and being safe at the same time is one of the biggest sources of their rise in cryptocurrency exchanges.