What is the World System Theory? Have you ever thought about who created the world economy and how rich states protect their wealth? Or what are some of the countries we call developing according to what is developing and what makes us modern? Of course, economies. After the colonial activities and during World War II, the world was divided into two sides; In short, we can say the eastern and western states, while some of the eastern states chose communism, while the west defended capitalism, which we can call the opposite. We will examine the World System theory deeply.


Brief Summary of the System (Theory)


The war was a war of systems, although it may appear between countries. After the defeat of communism, that is, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the modern world, which we call the new world order, took the criterion of the economy, the level of modernity of the countries was associated with the economy. and after these processes, the understanding of the nation-state started not fully meeting the sociology of development.

Countries that we call the third world country and the classes of countries that we call developed and developing have emerged because there are economic differences between those countries. The theory of the world system says that the most powerful countries that hold the investment that has a and timely colonial society stays in the center and there are developing countries around it, and in the last ring, there are third world countries where the production surrounding them is very cheap and this is explained by a core.

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The Emergence of The World System


The theory thinks that the locations of the countries in this ring will change very hard and that it will almost never change due to this economic system. Although the economy seems to be the basis in the economic world system in this theory, we must say that races, religions, in short, culture and politics have a great influence on this. In short, World System theory emerged after the need to investigate why some states, that is, countries that are strong and developed, and that they are not developed and modern, and after the second world war.

World System is basically, we can explain this system like the ones who hold the power and the countries with strong economies are in the center and other developing countries around it, and at the extreme, there are third world countries that are very weak in terms of power and economy, and they are all interconnected. While the countries in the center hold the product in their hands, they make these products in third world countries where production is cheap and take most of the profit. This theory created by Immanuel Wallerstein (Sociology).