We all love to listen to the legendary Saddest TikTok songs. But sometimes it takes time to find them when we want to use them in our content. That’s why you can find them all in this Sad Tiktok Song List! We have listed the saddest TikTok songs of 2022 for you. You can listen to sad Tik Tok’s songs on YouTube for free and see their names! TikTok can sometimes show us great content.

Especially sad TikTok songs and posts are very popular lately. That’s why we’ve prepared a list for you to find these songs easily. Sad TikTok videos have a very high number of views. So, if you want to make one yourself, you can choose your sad TikTok song from the list.

Saddest TikTok Songs 

  • Natalie Taylor – Surrender

Among millions of saddest TikTok songs, Natalie Taylor – Surrender is quite popular nowadays. This piece, which forms the background music of thousands of videos, impresses people. Sad melody, the song also makes the other party listen to it. It is among the recommendations for quality content. For this reason, it deserves to be included in the sad Tik Tok songs list.

  • Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – You Were Good to Me

Another legend is in the second place of our trend saddest TikTok music list. Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – You Were Good to Me erases the rust from our ears with its perfect tone. You have often heard this song in the soundtracks of popular sad TikTok videos. You can remember even just listening to the first seconds. Although most people listened this song, unfortunately they may not know its name. That’s why we’re giving you the YouTube address here. It deserves second place with its melody and emphasis.

  • SLANDER – Love Is Gone Ft. Featuring Dylan Matthew

Losing someone you love can be sad. Sad TikTok’s can therefore be a good option to express your feelings. It’s time for a song that is often preferred by people who miss a loved one. Third on our list is SLANDER – Love Is Gone Ft. Featuring Dylan Matthew. The wonderful lyrics of the song remind people of their memories while it is almost sad. We often hear this song among the current TikTok saddest songs. It deserves to be third on our list for its quality and wonderful words.

Sad TikTok Songs List of Specials!

Here we will only share the saddest TikTok video songs of our own choosing. These songs, which can sometimes make their listeners cry while playing in the background, deserve to be included in the saddest TikTok Songs list. There are some factors involved in creating a quality sad TikTok content. Important thing is that the song we choose can convey the emotion of the content. TikTok sad songs usually do this with their tunes. Many TikTok users around the world prefer these songs. Here we share their names and songs with you.

  • Tom Odell – Another Love (Popular Sad TikTok Song List)

Are you ready to learn the most popular TikTok song of recent times?. This song can’t be any other than Tom Odell – Another Love. The legendary melody touches our souls and affects us deeply. We’re sure you’ve heard of this content in millions of TikTok saddest videos.

  • Kina – Get You the Moon (Popular Sad TikTok Song List)

Words are the feathers of songs that touch our souls. That’s why we have to be careful when choosing the saddest melodies and songs of TikTok. The song we choose affects the quality of our content quite a lot. If you are really looking for love and sad content, this song is for you. On our list, Kina – Get You the Moon deserves to be in the special recommendations section. It is said to give some people a sense of sadness and others a wonderful sense of relief. So how do you feel while listening to the song? Listen and decide. I think its deserve to be on the Sad Tiktok Song List.

  • Can We Kiss Forever? (Popular Sad TikTok Song List)

Among the sad TikTok music we will recommend, there is another legend. Can We Kiss Forever? It turns out to be a magnificent work of art. A great option to make your TikTok videos sad! Can We Kiss Forever can be found in the background of the most watched videos recently. Therefore, it definitely deserves to be on our Sad Tiktok Song List because of the feeling it gives us.

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Kina has actually been releasing these songs for a long time. But it is a fact that TikTok has become more famous with its influence. Thousands of TikTok users have created great content thanks to the tremendous sad songs she has created. Therefore, we are not surprised to have two songs on our list. So what is your favorite sad TikTok song? Make sure to mention it in the comments! Also, click to find out which song reflects your character! Sad TikTok Song List prepared by PleyF.