There are many cultures in the world, whether for geographical reasons, religious reasons, or racial reasons. And anthropology, which is the science that studies the past and present of people, examines all human conditions. We can explain the relationship with culture as follows so that we can understand a person, we can easily do the work of this human society or race thanks to many events that affect the culture of the human, namely their behaviors, lifestyle, movements, beliefs, and culture.

Relation Between Anthropology and Culture

This is why the relationship and use of culture in anthropology is very important because we can answer any questions asked in anthropology with the help of culture. It is for this reason that anthropology has a sub-branch called Cultural anthropology and helps to explain human behavior by examining people’s lifestyles, cultural goods, cultures. And even culture is so important and detailed that even cultural anthropology divides among itself. I agree to the theory of motion that anthropology enabled the colonization of nonwestern societies because most of the anthropological studies carried out in time have created some thoughts on their own interests, of course, because of the lack of sufficient knowledge of the oriental societies.

Theory of Motion that Anthropology Enabled Colonization of Non Western Societies?

As Frantz  Fanon said, they could not create their own knowledge. After that, colonization and colonial states were much easier to do because the eastern societies who blindly believed what they did and said thought themselves back, undeveloped, barbarian. For this reason, as this theory puts it, it is not fully enabled to colonization, but it has significantly helped and played an effective role. For the benefit of western states.

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Societies and countries have surrendered themselves under their auspices without exerting much effort. Because they believed that these colonialist and colonial states were developed and that they were not developed with scientific reports and anthropological studies. And, as I mentioned above, the work of anthropology in accordance with the interests of those years really helped the western states in this process, even though it was not fully enabled as I mentioned above due to the effect of this disability in their psychology. With this article, I hope you can understand the Relation between anthropology and culture. ( Sociology and Anthropology are social sciences.)