For years, researchers and scientists have come up with a lot of ideas about how the term Race emerged.Also Race Ideology in Western Societies is a sociological content. Many scientists think that the term race emerged as a social mechanism because the main purpose of creating the term race was the lack of classification in the migration of many people and different societies due to colonization at the time. Because of colonization, people migrated to various regions. Basically, wish of being a superior over other races is racism. In this article, we will summarize the wish of being superior to other races. Race Ideology in Western Societies in 19th and 20th Centuries is actually simple, Lets learn it with [mpbutton

Race Ideology in Western Societies

For example, among millions of people who migrated to the United States, of course, there was a need for a differentiating term, and racism argued that the search for classifying such people was the result of others, although others said it was a biological distinction, primarily social classes, and ethnic origins. And some regions, like Europe, put some meanings on this term to uphold this division and to excel over other races. Basically, wish of being a superior over other races.


Emerge Of Racism


To keep themselves superior to the natives and Indians of America, such a term was revealed, in fact, it is of interest. This is exactly what we wrote above because of the reason why many scholars think. As a result of this search for discrimination, an attempt to classify, and a search for keeping themselves superior, they needed such a term and the race ideology emerged.

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However, as we can imagine, these people grouped among races, settled in the same regions, watched each other, in short, gathered in the same value, region, and identity. After such events, such as the butterfly effect, of course, clashes emerged between the groups. And we can say that there are even many wars in the conflicts due to the groupings between these so-called races, especially the killing of the Indians in America.

Western Societies in 19th and 20th Centuries

Thus, in the 19th and 20th centuries, it was a great problem and a shame for humanity, because the term racially emerged in the concept, we cal At the same time, the idea of hostility towards foreigners and defending people from their own race due to the division of people into such groups, even caused wars between countries, for example, because the Germans considered themselves superior, we can talk about the Nazis doing all over Europe and the world.


We can easily say that this term, which emerged due to the search for separation and classification among people at the time of colonization, grouped people and caused them to feel bad in inter-racial struggles, racism, wars, and many people’s psychology, that is, they felt in a lower profile among other races.