P1101 Chevy Cruze Code means that the PCM has detected a voltage inconsistency in its current measurements. Basically, problem is in your MAF. In the mass air flow sensor (MAF), this fault code may occur after a certain period in this model vehicles, especially in Chevy Cruze models.


P1101 Chevy Cruze

This fault code can usually be detected by the test we call ‘KOER’. The test runs automatically. In the mass air flow sensor (MAF), this fault code may occur after a certain period in this model vehicles, especially in Chevy Cruze model. This fault code can usually be detected by the test we call ‘KOER’. The test runs automatically and easy.


P1101 Chevy Cruze Code usually occurs because of the sensor may deteriorate over time or electronic errors may occur. Before replacing parts, try cleaning the MAF sensor with a cleaning spray. If that’s not enough, take your vehicle to a professional auto mechanic to have it repaired. If there is no efficiency here, the sensor will need to be changed as the only solution.



What Causes P1101 Chevy Cruze Code?

When the wire inside the maf sensor is dirty, it can cause your vehicle to give this code. Therefore, use rust remover or cleaner sprays. Aim the wire of the MAF sensor while performing this action. Because the fault code can usually be caused by this wire. Pollution in your air filter is among the main causes. Cleaning or replacing your air filter will have the P1101 code Chevy Cruze related to the MAF sensor gone and fixed.


Chevy Cruze P1101 is the most common vehicle models that show the code as a malfunction. The MAF sensor, located at the connecting pipe with the air filter, is a black, plastic, and small piece. The cables or wire parts of your vehicle may rust over time. It can also be contaminated. The biggest problem here is that the sensor succumbs to time. However, contamination can cause you to see the P1101 Chevy Cruze code.


Is a P1101 Chevy Cruze Code Serious?

You can drive with code P1101, but this is not recommended. You need to clean, replace, or repair your Maf sensor or air filter as soon as possible. For example, P1101 Chevy Cruze Code is a common fault name in these models. Driving your vehicle while getting this code error can damage your engine after a while and cause serious expenses.


Can I Drive My Car with a P1101 Code?

It does not prevent your vehicle from starting. Therefore, Code P1101 does not stop vehicles like the Chevy Cruze from being driven. But since there is a problem with the air filter, it can directly damage the engine or other components. It can also wear out connections. For this reason, when you see the code at P1101 Chevy Cruze or all other vehicles, stopping the engine and contacting the mechanic immediately will reduce the possibility of extra costs.


How Do I Fix Code P1101 Chevy Cruze?

This code can be caused by software, although it is rare. But it is most likely caused by your massive air flow sensor (MAF). Or your air filter may not be able to do its job adequately. Here are the recommendations for P1101 Code Fix:

  • Open your vehicle’s air filter cover, clean, or replace your air filter.


  • There is a Massive Air Flow Sensor at the attachment point (MAF) of the connection hose in the section where the air filter is. Gently remove it, then spray the wire part with rust remover or cleaning spray, clean it gently and reassemble it.


  • If you continue to get the error code after all these actions, replace the MAF part with a new one. This is the most common solution to this error on vehicles like the P1101 Chevy Cruze.


It is important to do the maintenance of your vehicle completely, to change the air and oil filters on time and to maintain your engine. If you take the necessary precautions for vehicle maintenance, the probability of seeing an error code will decrease considerably.

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How much does it cost to replace the mass air flow sensor?

Mass flow sensors are sold as parts and replacement costs range from $90 to $400. MAF parts are often difficult to find compared to other parts. In addition, the exchange workmanship is simple. For this reason, when you go to the car mechanic, get a quote for vehicles such as P1101 Chevy Cruze by learning the exchange price. In this way, you can find the place that offers the most affordable price and reduce your chances of being cheated. MAF Sensor Replacement Cost may vary by state.


What is Code P1101 on a 2017 Chevy Cruze?

Some error codes are very common in Chevy Cruze vehicles. A problem with the Mass air flow sensor working with the engine may cause you to see this code on the screen after you start your vehicle. You can find out if the part is defective or dirty by having it tested at a correct auto mechanic. In rare cases, the air filter not performing its duty may cause this code to be seen in P1101 Chevy Cruze 2017 vehicles. But the most common defective part is the MAF sensor.


Where is the MAF Sensor Located on a 2017 Chevy Cruze?

In 2017 Chevy Cruze vehicles, the MAF sensor is in the section where the air filter is attached to the pipe. You can easily see when you open the hood that it is attached like a pin. Therefore, it is very easy to disassemble and clean. But at the same time, you need to be careful that it does not encounter water, as it contains wire. In cases such as rust and contamination, often gives a trouble code warning at P1101 Chevy Cruze 2017 model vehicles.

How Do You Clean the Throttle Body on a 2017 Chevy Cruze?

The throttle is one of the sensitive engine parts. When you remove the body to clean it, you need to use special sprays. These sprays are commonly known as throttle body cleaners. Try to be very gentle while cleaning the throttle and spray the spray into the channel. With the help of a brush or cloth, remove the flowing dirt with very slow movements. 2017 Chevy Cruze vehicles follows the same process for throttle Body cleaning.


Why is My Chevy Cruze idling Rough?

Many clogs, contamination or end of life parts can cause this problem on Chevy Cruze vehicles. Some users even say that the P1101 Chevy Cruze malfunction can cause this problem. But the most common causes include clogged fuel injectors. The use of poor-quality fuel can clog your injectors and cause a decrease in your performance while making noise in the engine. In addition, non-igniting spark plugs cause this problem. It’s a common fault that your spark plugs are brimming or failing.


How Do You Fix a Rough Idle on a Chevy Cruze?

Rough idle in Chevy Cruze model vehicles can be caused by many reasons. Therefore, there are different solution options for rough idle fix. Cleaning or replacing spark plugs, preventing a vacuum leak, or checking and repairing the ignition coil are among the most common solutions. Besides,

  • Blockage in the fuel injectors.
  • Throttle not working properly.
  • Spark plugs dotting or completely expire
  • Possible problems with the ignition coil or other sensors of the vehicle.

For these reasons, it is among the common rough idle problems. Contacting a professional car mechanic is a logical move. Because when these problems occur, your vehicle loses power and loses traction. It can also cause more costly engine failures in the long run.