Perhaps consumer services can be a great option for your career. We have prepared this article for you to learn more about this industry. You can check out the top consumer services jobs and their salaries in the list. But first you need to know what jobs are available in this industry. So let’s start by taking a look at the top consumer services jobs list first. Let’s find out together the answer to the question of how many jobs are available in consumer services. The list includes current salaries of consumer services jobs.

Note: The salary amounts shared here are for the year 2022 and were written by researching the Bureau of Labor Statistic institution, the statements of the employees logging into the Comparably site, and the comments on the Employment sites.

How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Services Sector?


1.      Client Relations Associate

It is the name of the work done by the people who are responsible for all transactions related to the customers where you work. It acts in line with the purpose and services of the company. Manages relationships with customers and solves problems. Today, it is also seen that they do marketing. Client’s relations associate salaries range from $47,000 to $66,000.

2.      Call Center Representative

When faced with a possible problem, customers call the place where they receive service. Or to change, buy or upgrade your service. This job in consumer services requires very strong communication. You should sell products, solve their problems, and help people who call you. Today, call center representative salaries can reach up to $49,000 per year. In addition, it is seen that those who ask the question of is consumer services a good career path generally choose this profession in their first work experience.

3.      Customer Advisor (Concierge)

Like any other business, Customer Advisor (Concierge) serves customers. They solve their problems or help in their services. Information desks in supermarkets are a good example of this. At the same time, people who solve the problems you have with airline companies do this job. Today, Customer Advisor jobs earn an average of $35,000 to $70,000 per year.

4.      Customer Service Representative (C-S-R)

It is important to be able to explain the service as much as to serve the customers. Customer service representatives in particular play a key role here. When you want to change your phone operator or subscriptions, you reach them. In addition, people who call you for advertising and promotional purposes enter the customer services representative. Today, bankers, ticket sales consultants and call center customer service specialists are in this field. Although their salaries vary, they can earn an average of $33,450 to $65,420 per year.

5.      Technical Support Officer (IT Department)

It is said for jobs that deal with technical issues in the services the company, organization or customers receive. You are responsible for the computer systems. Or they can knock on your door in the slightest hardware problem. For this reason, you may need to take some serious training before entering this job. You need to detect errors, troubleshoot problems, and stay calm while helping your customers. In general, people are contacted via telephone, as is the case with most consumer services jobs. Technical Support Officer salaries can range from an average of $76,000 per year to $150,000 if you join a good company.

6.      Patient Care Coordinator

It deals with registering, directing, and solving patients’ problems in hospitals. Provides referrals to the correct units. In addition, the Patient Care Coordinator should have full knowledge of the operation. In this way, we can say that it manages the traffic in the hospital. Consumer jobs is one of the most popular professions in the field. Today, it is seen that they receive annual salaries between $62,000 to $102,000.

7.      Member Service Specialist

You have called a company’s customer service to complain. Right there, member service representatives appear before you. By contacting you, they listen and understand your problem. Then they work towards the solution and direct you to the right people. Almost all companies and organizations share member services representatives job postings. It is a popular career path as it has a wide range of job options. They earn salaries that can range from an average of $44,000 to $61,000 per year.

8.      Cashier

You can call all the people who help you while making your payments Cashier. This job option is among the most common occupations of consumer services. You don’t need much experience to be successful in doing this job. However, you will still need an orientation process, as you will receive and transact with money. The margin of error is low because you may be deducted from your salary for erroneous transactions. While receiving payments from customers, you should work with a smile, reflecting the brand quality to them. They earn an average annual salary of between $22,000 and $45,000.

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9.      Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are among the popular consumer services jobs. During the flight, they are responsible for many issues such as checking the tickets of the passengers, showing their locations, explaining the flight instructions to the passengers, and serving food. It is one of the most popular professions among consumer services jobs. While traveling the world, you can also earn money and come to very good places in airline companies as a career. Flight attendants earn an average of $65,000 to $103,000 per year. I know you’re surprised. Because there are many answers to the question of how many jobs are available in consumer services.

10.  Customer Service Manager

Among his most important tasks is solving problems from customers. Today, there are quite a lot of customer services manager job postings. It is also a good job option to start your career. Because there are so many job postings. Especially in America and Europe, the customer service manager earns nice annual wages. Looking at the latest figures, the Customer services manager salary can vary between $46,000 and $104,000 annually on average.

What is Consumer Job?

Today, cashiers, flight attendants, call center customer representatives and many professions are in this field. Consumer services jobs often require strong communication. Because you need to know that you must be in constant communication with people. We all know that we are a consumer society. For this reason, there are thousands of industries and brands around the world. The relationships of these brands with their customers are very important. Jobs that represent the quality and service of a kind of brand are included in consumer jobs.


What is the Field of Consumer Services?

We can say restaurants, markets, airline companies, banks and whatever comes to your mind. Because the answer to the question of how many jobs are available in consumer services is quite broad. All jobs that require communication, relationship, marketing, or support with people fall into this sector. Consumer services employees provide the communication of brands with their customers. Even in the hospital, doctors work with consultants directing you to them. You have a very high chance of finding a job in this job option, which we can describe as an intermediary. For this reason, the question of is consumer services a good career path is a good career path in terms of many job types and easy job finding.


Note: Salaries written in this table have been prepared by looking at the salary US Bureau of Labor Statistics and employee comments on job postings (Popular sites). Keep in mind that you may encounter a different annual salary in the job you enter.

Most Popular Consumer Services Jobs and Salaries

Best Consumer Services Jobs List Average annual earnings $
1.    Client Relations Associate



$47,000 to $66,000.

2.    Call Center Representative




3.    Customer advisor (Concierge)



$35,000 to $70,000

4.    Customer Service Representative (C-S-R)



$33,450 to $65,420

5.      Technical Support Officer  

$76,000 to $150,000

6.    Patient Care Coordinator



$62,000 to $102,000

7.    Member Service Specialist



$44,000 to $61,000

8.    Cashier



$22,000 to $45,000

9.    Flight Attendant



$65,000 to $103,000

10.  Customer Service Manager


$46,000 and $104,000

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

If you like working in the private sector, these jobs are for you. You can work in very high positions, especially in corporate companies. Also, customer service jobs are often sales oriented. Therefore, you could earn premiums other than salary. In America and Europe, such job postings are often found on sites like Jooble, LinkedIn, Glassdoor or Indeed. When the working hours and conditions are examined, we can say that it is a bit difficult. But due to the simplicity of the work, there is a balance in between. If you do not have experience, consumer services jobs can be a good starting option for your career. Is consumer services a good career path? Of course! Thousands of job options, high salaries and careers that can give you the chance to advance in