The engine warning lights and codes in our vehicles allow us to easily detect the fault. Therefore, the Ford engine codes list is particularly useful. Within the codes, you can find the code that is burning in your vehicle and learn its meaning. ‘C1297 FORD F150, C1296 FORD F150 and P1740 FORD F150’ are quite common faults. You can read the rest of our article for the solution. Ford F150 Codes list has been updated and the meanings of the fault codes are written.

How do I identify my Ford engine?

The engine model and number can be easily seen on Ford vehicles or pickup trucks like the FORD F150. To do this, look under the bolts on the right and left sides of the engine. You can easily see the label here. This label made of aluminum contains the necessary information. In addition, FORD engine has been using these texts for identification in its vehicles since the 1960s.


How do I find my Ford fault code?

When your vehicle’s malfunction light comes on, first consult a specialist. But you may want to learn the fault code first. That’s why we hear you asking the question How do I find my Ford fault code. The answer to this question is: it is possible to do this with vehicle diagnostic devices. But if you don’t have this, you can go to the car mechanic and find out your fault code very quickly. If you have a diagnosis tool, simply click on detect engine failure selectively. The fault code will appear on the screen. All you must do is find out what the fault code is.


Which digit in a Ford VIN is the engine code?

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) codes are very important. Because it is used to code the model of the vehicle. In this way, it can be easily understood which model vehicle gives what type of fault code. Ford F150 Codes list is one of them and 8-9 is the official code for Ford F150 as VIN.

What are the different engine codes?

In general, all FORD F150 and other FORD engines have similar fault codes. And it is divided into certain categories. In this way, you can easily determine what the fault is in your vehicle by looking at our article.

P Codes: Codes related to the Powertrain start with (P) Example: P0198

B Codes: Codes to represent body-related faults begin with (B). Example:

C Codes: Codes indicating chassis-related faults begin with (C).

U Codes: These are the codes that light up in case of network related faults. It starts with (U).

Ford Engine Codes can indicate which part is failed.

These codes are also divided into 2 groups with numbers among themselves. Faults starting with 1 can be enhanced, but also appear after the letter.


If the number 0 appears in the second digit after the letter, it may indicate a general malfunction.


C1297 FORD F150

  • Wheel Speed Sensor Ring malfunction may have occurred.
  • In Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor malfunction, C1297 Ford F150 can show this engine code.
  • The Wheel Speed Sensor harness is open or shorted may have occurred and is a moderate fault.
  • Wheel Speed Sensor circuit poor electrical connection can cause C1297 engine code to display.
  • The Faulty Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module may be broken, or something may have gone wrong.

P0451 FORD F150

One of the more common fault codes is P0451 Ford F150. To fix this malfunction, let’s first look at what is it? This fault code can be seen frequently in the 2.7 engine of the Ford f150 model. It is known as Evaporative Emission System Pressure Sensor. Let’s call it chronic. It is related to the FTP sensor (Fuel Tank Pressure). It may appear to warn you of a short circuit, gap, or damage to the FTP sensor. There is a workaround that can be applied before gaining access to the PID. Before refueling your vehicle, open the lid and wait for a while for the outside air pressure to balance with the inside pressure. If the fault persists, see a vehicle mechanic.

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P1518 FORD F150

P1518 is known as Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) malfunction and indicates that it remains on. Most likely a Damaged IMRC actuator is causing this issue. The IMRC may also be unable to receive power or have a grounding problem. Therefore, it may be exposed to a short circuit. For the P1518 Ford F150 code, you should see a master who knows his job well.

P0198 FORD F150

It is an engine code caused by the Engine Oil Temperature (EOT) sensor. P0198 FORD F150 is a common engine failure. For its solution, it is usually necessary to replace the EOT sensor with a new one. You can also buy the EOT Sensor online and replace it yourself. P0198 is a common warning light among Ford engine codes.

Where is the engine oil temperature sensor located?

Usually the Engine Oil Temperature (EOT) sensor located in the engine compartment. It is especially mounted under the engine block or cylinder head. For Ford and BMW model vehicles, this part is usually located here. It’s easy to get a new one and replace it. You just need to insert the new EOT in the same way after unscrewing it.

 C1296 FORD F150

The Wheel Speed Sensor Ring can cause you to see this engine code. Also, Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor and Faulty Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module faults are under this code. Therefore, the factors that may cause the malfunction may vary. To be able to make a full determination, a visible fault must be detected. C1296 FORD F150 is one of the frequently seen wheel speed Sensor malfunctions recently.

What the Code C1296?

Code C1296 means more than one engine fault code may indicate it. As we mentioned above, the most common one is wheel speed sensor ring failure. It usually does not cost much and is quickly repaired by replacing it with a new one. It is seeing rarely in Ford engine codes.


P00C6 FORD F150

If your engine failure warning light is on and diagnostically gives the codes of P00C6 FORD F150, P000C6 or P0087, the probable fault will be the fuel pump driver model. This is the part the fault code points to, although there are many different results. Repairing or replacing your fuel pump module will make the light go out.

Code P1740 Ford F150 indicates transmission torque converter related faults. Therefore, there may be a serious transmission malfunction. You may need to take your vehicle to a mechanic. In general, this fault code can be costly. But if there is no problem with your driving, it is possible to delete this engine code with software. But we do not recommend it. It is one of the most common among Ford engine codes.