What is Anxiety Disorder? How Do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

If you are a stressed person, have you ever thought that you might have an anxiety disorder? Situations in our daily life, business, economy and bilateral relations can affect us. Especially recently, people state that they worry and stress unnecessarily. Many unwittingly show symptoms of Anxiety. So how do you know ‘do i have anxiety‘? In our article, we will talk about the symptoms of people with anxiety!

Could You Have Symptoms of Anxiety? Here are the Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is a common and common disorder. The excessive anxiety, fear and anxiety that people show against the situations they encounter is known as Anxiety. Feeling uneasy all the time, feeling that something bad is going to happen, and feeling stressed are among the symptoms. Psychology directly affects people’s daily lives. For this reason, anxiety treatment is very useful in overcoming this situation. You can easily tell if you have an anxiety disorder by examining the symptoms.

1– Feeling Anxious

Do you get anxious even in normal situations? Do you ever feel uneasy about even the smallest problem? If so, it would be helpful to consult a specialist about your do i have anxiety question. Because one of the most common symptoms in people with anxiety is feeling uneasy. Anxiety symptoms can differ from person to person. But feeling anxious and nervous is often a common symptom.

2–Excessive Sweating

Do you sweat even when doing a simple task in daily life? This symptom is common in people with anxiety. Sweating in the palms is a symptom of people with anxiety. If you are sweating while thinking about something stressful in your seat, you may have Anxiety. Excessive sweating can sometimes be a reaction of the body to psychological pressures. If you have the onset or condition of Anxiety, you may experience this condition. It is known that some people have sweat gland removal surgery just for this reason.

3– Having Trouble Focusing

Do you have trouble concentrating while studying, doing homework or on the job? Are you suddenly trying to think of different things or can’t understand what you’re reading? Then unfortunately you have one of the most common Anxiety symptoms. The work we do today often requires attention. Therefore, such a problem can affect our business ability and economy. You may face many difficulties while having trouble focusing in your career. Difficulty focusing is often seen in people who apply for anxiety treatment. Therefore, you may want to see a specialist before it is too late.

4– Shortness of Breath and Dry Mouth

Many people are undecided about whether do i have anxiety or not. This discomfort can often cause shortness of breath. You may also feel your mouth dry while breathing. If you have these symptoms in an environment where there is no need for tension, you may have Anxiety. Even when dealing with a mundane problem, you may be feeling short of breath and palpitations. This is common in people with anxiety.

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5– Feeling of Severe Anxiety

You started preparing for dinner. But do you worry even when choosing food? Then you can do a research on whether do i have anxiety. Because people with anxiety often show signs of indecision and anxiety. They experience an extraordinary sense of anxiety, especially when doing something simple. Feelings such as tension, fear, and anxiety are added to this situation. As a result, they constantly feel uncomfortable because they worry.

6– Panic

What would your reaction be if you spilled water on the floor? You would wipe the place and forget it because you faced a normal situation. But people with anxiety disorders show extra reactions. They react to events with an extreme state of panic at the slightest thing. Therefore, they cannot make calm decisions and tend towards making mistakes. You can apply Anxiety treatments to get rid of this very boring situation. If you are panicking excessively against a normal situation, it will be useful to consult a specialist psychologist.

7– Difficulty Falling asleep

Do you always have future plans in mind? Are you stressed about what you’re going to do at work tomorrow? People with anxiety disorder often have trouble falling asleep. Especially when they lay their head on the pillow, their brains begin to question and think unbelievably. This feature, which is among the common features of intelligent people, can result in insomnia. Anxiety, known as an anxiety disorder, makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. Because while you sleep, you always have problems in your mind.

8– Fast Heartbeats – Unstable Heart Rhythm

Our heart is one of the most vital organs. Unfortunately, people with anxiety experience an imbalance in their heartbeat. Especially in adults, sudden heart palpitations and chest pains are likely to occur. Anxiety, which causes stress and anxiety, also affects us physiologically. Today, the most common Anxiety symptoms include excessive acceleration and imbalance in the heartbeat.

9– Muscle Aches

Do you suffer from sharp back, chest or leg pains even though you do not exercise? Then you may be experiencing muscle pain from Anxiety. The things you are obsessed with can cause you to have muscle pain physically. This symptom is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. Many people think that they are having a heart attack, especially because of muscle pain in the chest. But the main reason is psychological, namely Anxiety causes them.


Some medications can also cause anxiety as a side effect. Especially recently, the question of nexplanon side effects anxiety has been frequently asked. We wanted to address this issue.

Can the Nexplanon cause anxiety?
There is no evidence for nexplanon side effects anxiety.

Can the implant cause panic attacks?
The implant releases levonorgestrel, but there is no evidence that this will cause panic attacks.

Does Nexplanon have mental side effects?
There may be sudden mood changes, you may experience a fall and a rise in your mood.